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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Heat Theft

Model: Miki Watanabe @ Model Mayhem
MUA: Thea Taylor
Wardrobe: Miki Watanabe
Photographer: Hollie Waters

Sunday, 20 February 2011

overcast lipstick

sorry for the lack of photo updates- i have done a few photoshoots, but they didn't inspire me and the fire had gone out. i took these yesterday with my two bestfriends, and favourite models. now i feel content that i have done a good job.

we travelled out of sitges and to the next town behind, san pere de ribes. it's full of tiny cobbled streets with old houses, and a long dried up river where there are trees, graffiti and green grass (something you cannot find in sitges).

sorry for the delay again, and enjoy.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

a structured emotion

these are old photo's that i took with my old digital camera. i love them though.

last year i was working on art coursework, and the theme was fairytales. i chose the frog prince, and therefore drew many girls (and ofcourse, frogs). i think that's when i first realised that body language can just as well portray emotion as the eyes can. my development was mostly drawings of the body structure leading onto eyes. 

i want to take more photo's with the face hidden. they are definitely more interesting, and make you THINK.

Friday, 19 November 2010

underground parking

My latest photoshoot- from today. I wanted to try flash photography at night, so decided to use the local underground parking. well.. the flash didn't work, so we had fun using the amazing lights and creating shadows. i think these are my favourite bunch of photo's yet!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

the photographer

maaaaaan. i just feel like screaming lately.
one - schoolwork
two- exams
three - will education EVER end?

i can't wait until i can finally say "stuff it!" legally, thats less than a year away... but next year i hope to leave spain and move back to wales, to study photography at college. i keep telling myself "don't worry, its soon" but the time just stretches on and on. i'm passing the days in a dreamy haze.

i promise, i WILL do more shoots soon. it's been a bit hectic recently. this weekend is my friend's surprise 16th birthday party which we've all been organising- a dinner in barcelona, train back to sitges and spend the night in a drunk haze with too much dancing and no room to move and too many TGV's and blue vodka tropics which stain your tongue and teeth. live the life, huh?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Under the beating sun

This was my most recent photoshoot- I'm extremely pleased with the last one! I should use guy models more..
For October, it was an incredibly hot day. I'd made the mistake of wearing jeans and a jumper. Under the beating sun, my models were made up and I then shot them, calling out instructions. My male model, Luis, went shirtless and was attacked by mosquitoes. He had no less than 20 bites across his back, but he kept going! Love him. My friend, Mae, also tried out modelling for the first time (she's the one with the long, gold hair dressed in a playsuit). I can't wait to work with her again, because she moved easily and had loads of poses.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

crazy, only-in-my-dreams times

crazy times! since my last photoshoot, the magazine feature in Javertime came out and my copy just arrived today. i'm pretty damn happy with it (picture). i'm going to carry on taking photos, and who knows? you never know when a break will come. i also got another feature in kokomagazine, which is online along with an interview. went i wrote the interviews, i though i sounded alright.. not too cheesy. but now they're out, WOW. i sound stupid! i guess that's how everyone feels? i'll stop babbling now ;)
pages 12-17